January 17, 2007

Cave Creek

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Cave Creek Condos look like a beautiful place to visit as well as a great investment. Now I have never been to the dessert. I would love to go, but a friend of mine who is in the marines has just about given me a phobia. He said he went to Arizona on a trip some years ago and he had warnings. Warnings for all peopel who go out West. The biggest tip was never to just put on your shoes. You must and I repeat MUST look inside before you put shoes on at any time. He said it was very buggy, teh west is. Buggy with things that bite and sting like scorpions. He said that he has found many a scorpion in his shoes. That is just about enought right there to scare me. Then of course my mind ran wild. How high can they climb? Can they get under the sheets or bedspread without you knowing?

Besides my phobia-thanks to my friend- everyone else who has visited, just loves it. This resort is spread over 20 acres in the heart of Arizona's Sonora Desert. So you know there has to be at least one scorpion there. It looks lovely to visit. Wow. This looks like an oasis in the dessert. I guess for the investment part, you could buy there and rent out when you were not there. That may be something to do once retirement is near. You could buy now, rent out and move there upon retirement. I think about retirement. Where will I live? I want to live near the water or at least near a place with water. I would like it to be warm weather, not so much cold.

The time for buying is when you are young. Real estate is good investment at any time. I could see myself at Cave Creek. There are activities and golf and if you are in the life style of the rich and famous, there is even a special team of people who would cater just to you...to reassure your privacy. Check out the site. It looks very interesting and may even be a good investment for the future.

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