January 13, 2007

Coming to America

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Just like Eddie Murphy, David Beckham is coming to America! Will soccer catch on here like overseas? It is questionable in my opinion. It might have a new life here, but it will never be as big as football is now. What are his skills? He is up in age at 31.

Beckham today is still a marquee name, but he's no longer a marquee player. Even at age 31, he's lost his place in the Real Madrid starting lineup and in England's national squad, and Real had announced they would not renew his contract in the summer. Indeed, skeptics have long suggested that Real had signed Beckham from Manchester in the first place less for his on-field ability than for his global glamour-icon status, which would help the team sell replica gear all over the world. To be fair, Beckham earned his keep as a rather talented right-sided midfielder capable of providing pinpoint crosses to his forwards, and with an ability to bend free kicks around or over defensive walls that is quite rare among Englishmen (although pretty common among top-drawer players from Europe and Latin America).

And the money? Mad millions is what he got! Just give me one of them! He got over 200 million dollars. Crazy! For kicking around a little white and black ball!

Their arrival in L.A., a natural home for the perennially bronzed and beautiful couple, gives Major League Soccer its first crossover celebrity, whose very presence in America is likely to give a significant bump to interest in and attendance at its games. Nor will Beckham be alone among waning stars in crossing the Atlantic: His deal was made possible by change in MLS rules to allow each team to sign one player outside of the limits of an existing salary cap that prevented Americans teams from offering rewards that would tempt many European stars.


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