January 13, 2007

Linkage Means Readers

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Blogs are out there by the millions, including a million more spam blogs. When I first began to blog, I realized that no one was reading my blog. I had not links It was not until 6 months later that I discovered that links were all important and joining carnivals and participating often. That was how people would discover that I might have something interesting to say. Since that time, I have joined several carnivals and participate at times often. Sometimes not so often, but they are there. I also discovered that a blog roll is mightily important. As you read others and add them to your roll, they will add you to theirs and that helps brings even more traffic to your blog.

If you link it, they will come. I believe this to be true. Then many months later, I began to check my stats of who was coming and how and discovered that my blogs were being picked up by directories, on their own. Then I began to look and realized that I could submit my blog to all sorts of directories and traffic would be increased. I would come up in searches by keywords. Then I was all about directory submissions. That helped me as well. Of course I had to search and learn this all on my own. You do not have to do as I did and learn by trial and error.

Check out Directory Maximizer. Where were you when I began to blog? The site really explains and answers all questions about how and why directory submissions are a great thing. It talks about key words, indexing and gives you the best ways to submit for the best results for all those search engines out there. Want more readers? Link! Link! Link!

My position now on linking has kind of evened out. It is okay that I do not have a blog that gets millions of hits a day. I think really, it is not my position on liking, but blogging. I am blogging now just for me. It others come across my blogs, great! If not, that is okay too. I remember when I was a "young whippersnapper of a blogger" and getting people to come to my blogs was a big thing. It is still a great thing, but not a thing that consumes me, now. All blogging is good, whether your blog is a very popular blog or not. What a blog that is visited more? Then it is all about linkage and even reciprocal links!

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