January 30, 2007

Enough Caffeine Already!

Well, I have been hearing the buzz about the bagels and donuts with the caffeine built right in. Not! Why ruin a good thing? Coffee and all the different flavors and styles available will never be undone by caffeine filled donut. People live their lattes, frappuccinos and cappuccinos way too much. I know I do. There is nothing in the world like a java chip frappuccinos. Check out the history of coffee. There is no way to undo the great taste and caffeine jolt from a good cup of coffee. There may be temporary buzz but trust me; these will not last too long. I hear that the inventor has approached some of the big donut companies like Duncan’s and Krispy Crème donuts but he has been turned down. Yeah! The thought of doing something to a Krispy Crème donut is beyond comprehension!


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