January 24, 2007

Fantasy MMA

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The closest I will get to real mixed martial arts are my tapes and cd's by Billy Banks. The tae-bo bootcamp tapes that I bought about 6 months ago are kicking my butt. Can we say hard? I feel like I have run a marathon after that and so very sore the next day. It really is a work out. I ahve been getting his tapes and workouts every since the beginning. I have even gotten my mother into doing some of the easier tapes he first came out with. I love it. Not only does it make me stronger, those tapes actually make me feel like I have learned someting about martial arts. I think I would be able to defend myself against an attacker. I might now win in the end, but I would give him a run for the money and me a fighting chance.

Many years ago I had a boss who wss really into martial arts. She had been taking karate for about 8 years and had a number of belts under her belt! She was good and she was very strong. She said that it helpeed her in so many was with her life and discipline and staying on track. After speaking to her I even thought about taking karate, but did not have the time. So tae-bo was the closest thing.

Now when you are ready to have a little rest and relaxation, you can play fantasy MMA. What is it? Well it is a fantasy game andyou gain points and win prizes by picking the correct winners in rounds. A season consists of 10 rounds. You get points when you correctly pick the winner of the round. A few hours before the fight, the selections are locked so that they cannot be changed. then , sit back and watch the fight and hope you are the winner. The website is free to use, offering a $500 prize for the first season of play, and is targeted at UFC and PrideFC MMA (mixed martial arts) fans.

After checking out the site, I found a forum where you can sign up and rub elbows with other MMA fanatics. The best thing about Fantasy MMA? The real prize! $500 real dollars. Not fantasy dollars. That is something to get motivated about. Who would not want $500 for playing Fantasy MMA?

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