January 11, 2007

Good Smellies!

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I have always been a perfume wearer. My favorites have been mostly Estee Lauder fragrances. I think a great part of that was because I used to work for Estee Lauder...for about 5 years. It was great to get all those free products. I mainly got skin care and make up. Once I got a failry good supply of that, I switched to the fragrances for my free gratis. Knowing and Pleasures and Spellbound. Those were my favorite Lauder fragrances.

I just did not wear those. I have worn all sorts of others as well. And still do. And of course I have to layer all those fragrances, so that the scent lasts all day. Bath gels, lotions, cremes, powders and lastly the fragrance. Yummy! Now of course to buy from the department stores are expensive unless you were able to get a store discount like I was. Boy I miss those days!

I have found a site that had designer fragrances a a great price. You can even get Davidoff Cool Water Perfume and Cologne there. They have some Estee Lauder there, but some of the prices are more than you can find them in the department stores. Not quite a bargain, but the convenience of having all those designer fragrances on line at the click of a mouse is a time saver. You can shop at home without the hustle and bustle of the mall.

They do have a fragrance by Gucci that I am wearing now... Gucci Envy me. I love this scent! it is great for daily wear and is not overpowering at the office. Sparkling Scents has quite a collection of fragrances to choose from. The think that means a lot to me is the satisfaction guarantee. If there are any problems it assures that as an online buyer, you will have assistance in the event there is a problem.

We have adopted the Safe Shopping Guarantee (“Guarantee”) in order to demonstrate our strong commitment to a pleasant shopping experience on any Secure2U® partner websites. Your purchase will be securely handled, and your personal data will be safeguarded against identify theft. If fraudulent charges are ever made, you will not have to pay for them. We guarantee it.
Me? Well, if you have been reading here any at all, you know I am born to shop. When I was younger the mall was my 2nd home. Now, online shopping is what I prefer best. It is so easy! Now that I have looked over this site, I will keep it in mind. There is a lot of variety and looks like there is ease in shopping there. Now go get those good smellies! They even take Paypal. That makes it really easy! Something new in the way of fragrance that I have never hear of before is Fcuk!? What is that? I have not heard of it, nor do I know what it smells like. French it is! The site is informative as well as far as new things I have not smelled before. I will have to look around at my local store to see if i can find out what that fragrance smells like.

Happy shopping!

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