January 22, 2007

Happy, Sunny Florida!

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I am so all about Disney. I went to Walt Disney World last summer and stayed at the Wilderness Lodge. It was a fantastic place. I loved it. I have been to WDW before but had only stayed at the lower end of the Disney scale as far as resorts go...the All Star Resorts. They are very nice and are very economical. Now the Wilderness Lodge. That is a swanky place. I loved it and plan to go back this year as well. That is the only place I have been in Florida. I would love to see other vacation spots there as there are many.

I would even be interested in florida vacation rentals. If I could rent a place on the beach for a week, that would be heaven on earth. I love the beach. I have checked out prices and during peak season, you almost need to be wealthy to afford to go. The wonderful thing about Florida is that while we are having winter, it still could be 80 degrees there. That makes for a great winter trip to the beach. Check out the Ocean Manor Beach Resort. What a place. That looks beautiful. I am ready to pack now. The price is not bad at all. I do not know If I will make it this winter to Florida, given all that is happening here, but it is something I want to do next winter.

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