January 27, 2007

I am a Hidden Mickey!

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I have been visiting Walt Disney World every summer for the past 9 years. Sometimes, we go twice in a year. I never get tired of goning there. I am a pin traider. I have about 300 Disney pins, in binders and on lanyards. I have some really nice ones. I am a Disney addict. I admit it. No form of intervention will work. It is in my blood. This past summer I stayed at the Wilderness Lodge. It was the first time I stayed at that resort. Love it! Plan to go there again this summer and stay again at the Wilderness Lodge. Last summer we stayed at Coronado Springs. That is a beautiful resort. The best thing was the themed pool. The kids never got tired of that. In all these years of going to Walt Disney World, I have always stayed on property. I try to stay at a different WDW property each year. Having Disney transportation
(bus, boat, monorail) is great. No traffic and fighting getting out of the park when it closes. (You know I close evey park down at night.)

I guess if I had to, I would consider an Orlando vacation rentals. I mean, Orlando is so close to Disney, but then you would have all that traffic to deal with. A vacation rental would be better than being in a crowded hotel. Especially if they were equipped with hot tubs and nice big beds. The rental company, VLBO, has a real time availability calender that you can check to see when the rental you are interested in is open. It is January so the time is now to be thinking about summer rentals. Timing is very important.

Check out this villa. It is a roomy four bedroom villa very close to Disney. Right now it can be rented at a special price. Florida now is still nice and warm in January. Expect the cost to be increased during peak vacation season. The community were the villa is located is equipped with playgrounds, tennis court and swimming pools. You know with all those amenities, that might be something to keep me at the villa a day of vacation. A day relaxing at the villa might be a nice change to my normal Disney "up at 5am to see everything there is to see" routine.

Florida! I just love it. Disney? I just love Disney. I am glad to see that there are very nice alternatives for lodging in the event I decide not to stay on the Disney property.
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