January 27, 2007

Movie Night

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Lat night was movie night. I needed a diversion so down to my local TargetI went. I bought three movies that I love or wanted to see. I bought Pulp Fiction, The Godfather-the boxed set of all the movies in the series and Schindler's List. Tonight I plan to cozy on up with The Godfather. I just love that entire series. It is an amazing, intriguing movie.

Pulp Fiction I started this morning and I must say that I will have to watch it again. I think I missed something. I thought I saw John Travolta get shot by Bruce Willis, but in the end of the movie, he is alive. I know I missed something. What? I am not sure, but how can he get shotby Bruce and be alive at the end? This time I will watch even more closely. I must say it is a very odd movie.

Schindler's List is a movie I saw years ago, loved and wanted to see a 2nd time and never did. I thought that it was a very good movie when I did see it. These are all so intense dramas that I think I will get something lighter when I want to buy another video. Well, off to get the popcorn and candy. Time to get my movie on!


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