January 31, 2007

Lovely Canada

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I love Canada. I claim it as my home as well as America. When I was smaller my mother used to ship my brother and I off during the summers to stay with an aunt who lived in Detroit. We traveled alot with her. We spent alot of time in Canada. Absolutely love it! the Canada of my childhood was beautiful, pristine and just incredible with snow capped- mountains in the distance. We traveled in Quebec, Ontario and some other providences.

I remember Goat Island and the Hurricane Deck. The Hurricane Deck was an amazing thing. Goat Island was great too, being out in the falls walking on the rocks. Niagra Falls was breathtaking! What can I say, Canada was a dream. I wanted to go to college there. McGill University for anthropology. It was just way too expensive for an out of state student and we did not think ahead to let me live there with my cousins. Yes, I have lots of relatives there.

We had out reunion in Canada in 1999. The Americans went to Canada that year--about 500- of us-instead of the Canadians coming to America. I had not been in quite a few years, adn not much has changed. I was so glad. I did have one disturbing encounter with a mime. Freaky!
I was at the CN Tower in Toronto. I had taken some visiting family members there and at the base of the tower was a mime. The mime from hell. That mime was so strange I cannot even describe it. He was disturbing to look at in every way. He was dressed in all black and white and attached to a metal pole--like he was hanging from it or he and the pole were "one". I could not stop watching. How he was "miming" was so weird and unlike anything I had seen before. He was the only hellish mime in the area "miming" from a metal pole. After about 10 minutes of watching him we went on our way but after that I was totally turned off by mimes. I could not bring myself to give him any money. I had never had any problem with mimes before that day. I have not been the same after that.

I do not recall ever going to any of the parks, but I do remember going to an amusement park. We had a great time there. The people were all so nice and friendly. I recall when I went in 1999 I was on the hunt for the Canadian bear by Ty. I was one of those crazy beanie baby collectors. I was able to get the bear as well as the giraffe that seemed to be a rarity in the states. The cost was quite a bit more in Canada for them. I almost need to take out loans to get them. Never the less, I bought them and was the envy of all when I got back to work. And of course now I ahve about 300 or more beanie babies stacked up in rubbermaid bins in closets. What am I going to do with them all? They are worthless now. That craze is over.

I can't remember anything else I bought thwn I was last in Canada. Just those beanie babies.
I do recall that Lord of the Dance was at the theater right around the corner from our hotel. I tried desperatly to get tickets and c0uld not. all was not lost. I was finally able to see that show in America.

Canada? I love it. I would go there any day and any time. I actually would consoder moving there. I have lots of relatives and know a little about the payout of the land.

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