January 26, 2007

My Coke Habit

My coke habit began in the 1980s.  I was working in retail part time and had to do a lot of talking at the cosmetic counter when I worked. Nothing would be better than a cold Coke when I went on break or when I went to lunch. Sometimes I would sneak a Coke in with me to the floor and hide it in the stock room.  I would take a swig when we did not have any customers in the immediate area.   Then I noticed that when I was tired, Coke was better then coffee as far as pickup.  I guess it has more sugar than the 2 teaspoons I was putting my coffee.  Well, it got to a point where I was drinking 6 bottle of Cokes a day.  I would actually crave a Coke if I did not the allotted 6 per day.  Then I realized I had a problem. A Coca-Cola problem.   Eventually I had to wean myself off the Cokes from 6 to 4 to 2.  Then I decided that I only needed to have a Coke on rare occasions.  That was the only soft drink I would drink.  (Well, at times I would have a crème soda or a root beer)  I decided that water was the better option as it had a lot less calories and I did not need all that caffeine. 

I have never gone back to the 6 Cokes a day addiction.  But sometimes, about 3 times a year, I get that craving when I must have a Coke.  Today is one of those days.  I just went to the break room and spent 85 cents for 20 ounce bottle of dark, syrupy, caffeinated goodness.   Coke.  I must say that still to this day there is nothing better than the taste of Coke.  I will savor its taste.  It will be along time before I have another one.    


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