January 26, 2007

Life is All about Drama

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I happened to get off two hours early and I turned on the tv. Well, with working all the time, I never really ever get to se tv during the day. Today I turned to all the channels on regular tv and nothing but soap operas were on. When I was in college I used to watch General Hospital. I think the whole world did as that was during the time of the Luke and Laura drama. Man that was good and the rape. Crazy. Well. I turned on that today and sure enough, Luke and Laura are still apart of the story line.

On All My Children, Erica Kane is still going strong. She looks good. She never seems to age. I wonder what her REAL age is? I have some co-workers who watch Soap Operas during lunch, every day. They are hooked and are so very into them. I know they are a diversion but I have seen some arguments in the breakroom due to disagreements about soap operas. Those ladies are not playing around.

If you are seriously into the soaps, and no tv is near, you can check out what you missed on line. With a click of the mouse, you can be up to date in no time with Soap Opera Updates. Why there is even a page on gossip and news about the soap stars. I you want to join in the frey about your favorite soap you can even join the message board. From the tally of posts and views, there are a hell of a lot of people who are serious about their soaps. Check out the site. It might end up being as addictive as your favorite soap!

Well gotta run. My friend Kelly is sleeping with Marie's husband Ted. I have to tell Marie because if she knows, she might not want to steal the baby of the neighbor down the street who looks like her older sister who knows Monica, the bagel cook, who is thinking about poisoning Ted because she hates men who sleep around. Little does Monica know that her husband Drake is sleeping with Ted too! LOL!

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