January 18, 2007

Purse Envy

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Don't be hating' on my Coach bag! How sad is it when your friend seems to be jealous of you? This fall I decided to give myself the gift of new handbags. The ones I already had were at least 8 years old. Still very good and in good shape. I love handbags and have a collection. Coach, Dooney, Oroton, you know, all those nice brands. Well, in September I went shopping for some new updated bags. I bought 4 to take me thru this fall. I bought a black Charles and David, a beautiful brown leather and real fur Punto Tres bag, another camel colored leather bag and a coach bag.

Well my friend always has had something to say about my bags. Things like,"Is that a new bag?", "Do you have a bag fetish?" Things that let me know that she is watching my bags. She has done other things like this throughout the years. She cannot stand for you to have something she does not. She will then go out and buy that very same thing for herself. Not because she really wanted it or needed it, but because you have one and she does not. I have always been a bag person. Don't hate me because I like Coach!!!


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