January 27, 2007

Responsible Gaming

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There are all sorts of diversions in the world and with the internet come many web based diversions. One big one is online betting. Apparently anything you could possibly think of can become something to bet on. There are silly wagers to sports wagers. With the sports wagers, just about any sport is game. From cricket, to golf to wintersports, you can find it at Party Bets to make a wager.

It is easy to get started. Simply register on line and you can begin to bet. Most people place single bets where you have to predict the outcome of one event. Some others who are more adventurous can get into the combo bets.

Now with anything like gambling, betting, you run the risk of going overboard and letting it get the best of you. If you feel like you HAVE to bet/gamble, then the game is no longer fun. It is then a train wreck waiting to happen. To prevent that Party Bets does have some things in place to assist with responsible gaming.

  • Minors are prohibited from betting. (Where are they getting mondy from? Their parent?)
  • Controlling complusive gamling by tracking players(remember the train wreck, people!)
  • Customer led deposit limit: Don't use the grocery money for gaming
  • Self-exclusion tools....this one might be hard
  • Know when to fold: do not let it take over your life
Okay! Have a little fun. Bet a little. Keep responsible gaming in the back of your mind. If it turns out to be something that is driving your very existance, just put the mouse down and walk away slowly. Very slowly.


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