January 17, 2007

Shop and Save!

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I am all about sales and all abotu shopping. I have begun to shop on line some and have discovered that there are internet coupons that can be used. Wonderful! With some sites, you just need a coupon code to get the savings. That is even better. Just put the code in the shopping cart and off come the savings! You can't beat that with a stick!

I am all about Target. I used to love Walmart like there was no other store in the world. Then we got a Target and the Walmart changed into a Super Walmart that now is about 10 miles away in a new location. Well, Target has now become my favorite store. They really do have some nice looking upscale furniture and home furnishings. I can get some realy neat things that are at a good price.

Now they have coupons that will get you free shipping, 10% off a purchase and other savings. Now I have more reason to shop. I have even noticed that some of the savings on line you cannot get in the local store! Online coupons are great. Be sure to check out Coupon Chief. Coupons for some of everything you could possible want can be found there. Happy shopping!

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