January 18, 2007

Long Day

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

It was a very long day today. We ahd a coporate meeting at the regional office. Our office closed leaving behind a skeleton crew and the rest of us, about 500, hopped on busses for a 3 hour drive to the regional office. We were provided with company shirts and special name tags for the occasion. Yes, we all looked like clones or worker drones! That is what we are. After a 3 hour meeting complete with a gormet lunch, we were back on the buses home. Granted, there were dvd's on the bus, but we could only watch approved pg13 movies. What was it? That Johnny Cash movie...I wanted a gun to put myself out of that country music misery. Guess what? I was not the only one!


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