January 29, 2007

Sugar Daddy? Sugar Momma?

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Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I have heard it all now: Millionaire Dating. Actually I have not heard of it and was really surprised to see a site just devoted to millionaire dating. It seems to be very similiar to other "connection" websites. You sign up, post a profile and try to make a connection. There is even a gallery where you can look at some of the members. Now I looked at some of the pictures and some of the discriptions and these millionairs must be the ghetto fabulous millionaires. Some of the members were not what I was expecting. When I think of the rich and famous, I tend to think of the country club golfer in a polo shirt with Muffie in a tennis skirt carrying a pink and green pretty purse! But, hey, you just never know. It takes all types to run the world.

Once you find someone on the site, add them to your little black book. Every member gets a little black book to which they can add other members. Adding a member to your little black book allows you special access to things from that member's profile, like their 'private' photos. Oh-la-la! Bothered by someone you do not want to communicate with? There is something called "Mail Settings". You can control who can and cannot contact you.

Love can be anywhere. Even on a site for millionaires. Heck, I would not turn one away!

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