February 26, 2007

all ARE Evil, First

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I was telling a friend of mine about the situation with my car…that happened last week and posted a few posts back...how a co-worker hit my car and then is now denying she did the damages. He said I was just too innocent. He said I was viewing the world the wrong way. I tend to look at people as good and okay until something happens or there is something glaring that hits you right away. All are good until something happens in my eyes.

He said that I could save myself a lot of disappointment if I viewed the world as he did. He says he views all people as evil and they stay that way until they do something good. I think that it would be very hard for me to switch my thinking to that... that all people are evil until they prove themselves good. I think you might miss out on a lot of good things in people if you do that. You might miss opportunity for interaction that is good because you think all are bad. But that is the way he views the world.

I can tell and he has always seen the world that way. Kind of sad really. He and I are very different yet we get along. I do feel an indifference in him toward the world. Like the world does not matter until he says it does. I guess if you think all are evil first, then nothing would matter until you felt like it did.


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