February 20, 2007

Big Money Opps

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Pay Per Post is the way to go. There is a new system in place for high traffic blogs. You get the opportunity to have sponsored posts that are worth more. More money, more money , more money! Getting paid to blog is something that I am sure glad I decided to check out. It is for REAL! I was skeptical at first but it is the real deal. My blog is just fair as far as traffic, but I am on the road to increasing traffic. I want to take advantage of those higher paying posts! You could make $1000 for a single sponsored post.

As far as blog marketing goes, Pay Per Post is the best option out there. PPP only charges a 35% service fee compared to ReviewMe that charges a 100% markup. You are literally giving about one half of your money away. That is not good. If you take the time to write up a good post, you should reap the benefits. Pay Per Post is the best option for blogs with low volume as well as high. It is a good thing all around. Now you see that little button below? You do have to have full disclosure when you are posting a blog entry that is paid. So each post has to have a disclosure button like the one below or a link to your own disclosure policy for you blog.


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