February 17, 2007

Britney Spears: Bald and Crazy!

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Intervention? Failed! Failed with a capital "F." Britney is so out of control it is ridiculous. From all of her crotch shots to now a big, bald head. Where are the kids when all of these things are going on? Are they with the nanny? Even before the bald head there was this blurb in the news. She went out in a litle red dress, did not not like what she had on (I wonder wyy..it looks three sizes too small) so she calls over strippers, the epitomy of couture, and trades clothes with them. She leaves, oh so much more stylish than when she came in. They took her downstairs to their dressing room and she changed out of her red dress and returned wearing a dancer bikini and a white busboy jacket and "that's what she walked out wearing."

Then she takes the scissors to her own head when the stylist refused to cut off her hair. She took matters into her own hands. She just does not know what to do with herself. It seems her family tried to get her into rehab. She stayed one day and was like, SEACREST OUT!

On Friday night in California, the singer was filmed and photographed as she arrived at a Los Angeles tattooist's parlour and had her wrist tattooed. As she did so, 60 onlookers gathered outside and stared through the window of the shop in Sherman Oaks, at her sheared head, shocked at the contrast with her one-time image as an angelic teenage star.

I think the only person who can pull off the bald headed look is Demi Moore. She looked kind of good bald. Britney's head had a kid of a green glow with black stubbies. Yuck! Plus she has a lumpy skull. Look closely on the right side of her head near the ear and temple. Lumps!


  1. Ms. Spears is spinning totally out of control and no one around her seems to have the ability to rein her in. For her sake...and the sake of her children...I really hope that she can settle herself down and get back to the business of rebuilding her life and her career.