February 18, 2007

Tasers Verses Guns

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I heard a blurb about this on the news and had to look it up. This is the story of a man who was mentally handicapped who was trying to hold up a convience store with a plastic knife. He was clearly not knowing what he was doing. The police knew who he was and what his condition was like as this man in know in the area for his diablility. He was pepper sprayed and shot multiple times when he had already surrendered or was subdued. He did not need to be killed. It was a case of the police overboard once again.

Trial is set in Charleston Tuesday in a ten million dollar federal wrongful death lawsuit alleging North Charleston police used excessive force when a 41-year-old mentally ill man was shot and killed.

Asberry Wylder was suspected of shoplifting when he was shot in 2003.

Prosecutors said the shooting was justified because Wylder was armed, tried to stab an officer and refused police demands to drop his weapons.

Wylder's mother, Julia Gregory, contends her son's constitutional rights were violated because police fired on someone with known mental problems.

The suit names North Charleston Police Chief Jon Zumalt as well as the city and various other law enforcement officers.

The last thing I heard was the case was dismissed. That is a shame. His family should have been awarded the 10 million, I think. I have also heard a few horror stories involving those Taser Stun Guns. They are deadly if you are old or have a heart problem. I had heard of a lot of people dying from being hit by those. And the police are overusing them as well. I think that they would be good for self protection. I would actually like one for my purse.

That reminds me of a friend of mine who actually has guns. He went through the normal process to gets them and goes to the range at least twice a month for practice. He has encouraged me to get a weapon. He says he would take me to the range and teach me. I just am resistant to that. A taser in the purse seems like it would be more ME than a handgun. I just don't know. I guess I will have to really think about that.


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