February 07, 2007

Crackberry Rain!

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Crackberry Rain. Crackberry Rain. (tune of Purple Rain by Prince) I want to join the ranks of all those who have black berries. I want one so badly I can taste it. I was thinking that in about 3 months I would have the extra money to buy one but I have found some cell phones at companies where it is free! Yes, free. It is with Wirefly. Wirefly is the number one seller of cell phones and wireless plans. I think I will finally get my child a phone. She has been wanting one. Will she be responsible? I am not sure but it can be a learning experience. Wireless family plans mean all your talk time minutes are pooled for common use, so keep an eye out on the calling habits of every member of your family, not just your own. I can monitor her phone use.

For me to get her a phone I would have to get a family plan. That is why I still need to wait a few months. Mom has a single phone with alltell, I think. I almost want to ask her if she wants to getr a family plan together. Then all three of us will be on the same network. The thing is though since my father died, she feels we should get rid of the phone. She does not see the benefit of having a phone. As an elderly person who might need assistance while I am work, I think she needs it. This incident that happened last week solidifies it for me.

Mom decided she needed to driver herself to an appointment that was about 4 blocks away. It was literally down 3 blocks, take a right, travel for one more block. It is on the right and you are there. Well, she could not find it and she circled those blocks for about an hour. She stopped at two businesses, both slightly past the place she needed to go, got directions and still could not find it. Did she have the phone with her? Yes. Did she call 411 and get the number to call the office where she had the appointment? No. If she had properly used the phone, she would not have had such an ordeal.

The other thing to consider for teens is a pre paid phone. That way we do not have a problem with her running up a big bill that I would have to pay. There are so many options now when it comes to phone. So many different plans and phones to choose from. And who has the most variety? Wirefly. Be sure to check all their plans and phones out. Me? I am planning to go straight to the crackberry revolution!

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