February 27, 2007

Falling From The Curb

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Bobby Brown is now going to head on the way down. He was already on the curb as far as carreer height. Now with the divorce from Whitney, he can only go so low. He is now in jail for non payment of his child support. I know that his reality show was not picked up again so it has been cancelled. He had better get it together. He needs to either put together a new album, if that is even possible or he needs to start looking into the business side of the music industry. Well, with his reputation that might not work either. Who would want to back him? I only hope that he did not blow all the money. Let's hope he has enough to live off for himself. He is just another star falling from the curb.

Singer Bobby Brown was ordered on Monday to remain in a Norfolk County jail until he paid $19,000 in late child support and court fees, his lawyer said.

"We're diligently working on getting those funds available from outside sources," said Phaedra Parks, an attorney in Atlanta where Brown currently lives. Parks doubted Brown would get out of jail before Tuesday morning.

Parks said the rhythm and blues singer has been struggling to meet monthly payments to Kim Ward, of Stoughton, the mother of two of his children.

"Although this agreement was put in place when he was Bobby Brown the star, this agreement is being enforced when he is not always able to find work," Parks told The Associated Press. "He hasn't made an album in quite some years."

A judge in Norfolk Probate and Family Court ordered Brown held in the county jail in Dedham on Monday, one day after private constables arrested the singer while he was watching his daughter's cheerleading competition at Attleboro High School.

Authorities said Brown was served with an arrest warrant for failing to appear at a child support hearing in October.

In October, Brown paid $11,000 in delinquent child support after being threatened with arrest if he stepped back into Massachusetts. He owed more than two months' worth of payments to Ward.

Loomis said Brown was cooperative at the high school arrest, and borrowed a cell phone to arrange to get out of jail.


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