February 27, 2007

One Account

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Now this is a different idea...one that I had not heard of before. One Account combines mortgages with your salary. This combination actually brings together your mortgage, current account, savings, loans and credit cards. Your money work harders and reduces the amount of interest you pay on your borrowing. You might think that it might be confusing to keep up with everything on one account, but it is not. There is an online service that let's you view your finances broken down into individual balances for your mortgage, loans, savings and current account money. There is even a budgeting tool and an account management tool that lets you work with your money.

Investigate it. Check it out. Check out the questions page to see if this option is the best for you. It might help you from loosing your home. For sure, it will shrink the amount of interest you are paying on your mortgage loan.

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