February 05, 2007

Germs are in the Air!

All around me are hackers, sneezers, coughers and snufflers! I am surrounded literally in a circle of sick people. I feel like the air above my desk is a toxic cloud of germs jus swirling and waiting to pounce on me. I already have a headache. That can either be PMS or the start of a cold. I felt extremely dizzy this morning, so I think it will be the start of a cold. That whole sinus thing. Makes me sicksickness does. We cannot bring Lysol in the office so the germs are just being recirculated around the entire office. No way to kill them or open a window. I have my Zicam. I have never used it before but I have it just in case. What is it supposed to do?

Most cold medicines only treat cold symptoms. Zicam is different. It actually shortens the duration and severity of the cold. Take Zicam Cold Remedy at the first sign and you'll be over your cold faster. I sure hope that is the case. I want it to knock out a case of bronchitis before it begins or even begins to turn into that.

On god! I just sneezed! Not a good sign! I hate to be around others when they are sick!


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