February 05, 2007

Spring is in the Air!

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In light of my father passing away in December, we have all be very stressed. Mom has mentioned that when she gets all the probate court "stuff" completed, she really wants to go on a cruise. I wonder if that means by herself. It might me with me? We have never been on a cruise together before. Lots of other vacations, but not a cruise. I think she will be alright to just plunk down some money and go. I might have to use all plastic or gat a loan. It is that time of year. Spring is on the way and it is now time to think about vacation and what to do and where to go. We have to schedule our vacation for the entier year in January. So our year is alreay scheduled.

My mother also mentioned that she wants to complete the garden my father started. She is trying to save the flowers that have started to bloom too early. Now the 20 degree weather is killing all those new buds. I told her I would help her with the garden. I know what that means. I will be the one doing everything. I do not think that she will do any large home inmprovements this year other than put in the garden. A few years ago they added in a florida room and that has been really nice. I think they did get a homeowner loan for that room. They are still paying for it. Mom is trying to get that thing paid off. A home loan is not the same as your original mortgage, it is an additional loan that allows you to borrow money based on the equity in your home.

I think that I will be giving up my town home to live with her. Yes I finally have made it real. I was thinking of buying a house for me and get out of the townhome into something bigger. Now she needs the help. She had not really been independent at all her adult life. She depended on my father for so much. So for now, no 30 year mortgage for me. A mortgage is a loan you take out from a lender to pay for a property - is probable one of the largest debts you will have in one go. I had a mortage years ago. I know.

I think I will just save up and one day venture out to buy or, I may end up with my parents house. I do want to eventually buy because I have kids going to college to look forward to. Having a mortgage might just help with paying for that. Remortgages are the thing that can help with school. A remortgage loan is simply a new loan that replaces an existing mortage at a better interest rate.

The other option that might assist with those future college expenses is a secured loan. The secured loan is a type of loan that caters for those looking for finance, and is a loan that is secured against an asset, which is usually the home. Secured loans are therefore available to homeowners, with lenders offering the loan on a secured basis against the property. With this one, I think that means you had better pay that back, or your house might not be so much yours anymore.

I don't know. Giving up my townhome will be a big adjustment. I look forward to helping my mother but am fearful of loosing my independence. I guess I can just check into a hotel for the night when I just can't take it anymore. I know there are some calgon take me away moments ahead of us. Spring is in the air. Change is in the air. Change that will really be an adjustment but I think that I have no other choice right now. I will look at it as a financial opportunity and it is that. I will not have any sort of monthly payments.. I just need to assist with the utilities.
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