February 03, 2007

Hair and Age Don't Mix

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Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Something bad is happening. I noticed it last year. Hair on my chin have started to appear. There are three black curly hairs sprouting. God it is awful. I have plucked and I really do not notice them until I am at work using my phone. When I cradle the phone between my ear and chin I tend to pinch on my chin as a habit. That was how I found them in the first place. What the hell was that on my chin. I have plucked and plucked and they come right back.

Hair Removal is a tricky thing. I decided that I was tired of plucking one day so I went to the drugstore and after spending abotu 20 minutes reading the back of boxes, I decided to try waxing. Well, it was one that you were supposed to heat with just water from the sink. I heated it, applied and then waited. I waited until the alloted time and stripped it off. The wax or rather most of it came off. Some was left on and it was a thick sticky mess that I could not remove, even with the hottest water I could stand. Once I finally got it off, those three hairs were still there. They were unphased by the wax, my scrubbing, my waxing.

I think I would have had better success if I had used a hair removal creme. Or maybe a hair removing kit. They had those at the store as well. I decided not to choose a kit because I thought the wax would be quick. Zip, zip and they would be gone. I still have my three hairs and I have gone back to plucking. I thought that the more you plucked, over time the less you would have to pluck. Well, I know with age more unwanted hair will most likely be popping up. I will have to work on a solution if these three ever become four.
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