February 02, 2007

Heavy Lids

I thought I got a good allotment of sleep last night yet right now, I am so sleepy I can barely keep my eyes open.  I have tried eating chocolate for the caffeine and the sugar.  I ate two World’s Finest Chocolate bars and they worked for all of 15 minutes.    Then all sleep hell broke loose.  I got up, got hard candy from someone else’s desk.  Those little red strawberry candies.  They did not last 2 minutes.  Now I am struggling to stay awake.  I am getting up and drinking water.  I even broke down and had a Coke!  You know that ought to have done it.  It did not.  This is terrible.  It is a kind of quiet say and I am getting lots done but the sleepiness is slowing me down.  I guess I will get up and get another cup of coffee.  Be back in about 15 minutes.  Off for a piping cup of joe!



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