February 01, 2007

I Am All About The Hiking Boot

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I used to live near the Eno. I would go hiking in the woods at least once a week. I even used to go by myself most of the time. I did not have a lot of friends who were into hiking. After a while I found a friend who would go with me. I remember one adventure in particular. One saturday morning my friend and I got up early and went hiking. I took a can of red paint to mark the trees so we could find our way out. We hiked into the woods about 3 miles. We are not taking a marked trail. It was deep woods. We came to clearing that had some huge rocks and boulders. We decided to climb. I mean HUGE boulders. As big as a house or bigger with crevices. We climbed up and we had lunch up on one of these boulders. After a while, we decided to go. I froze. I could not get down. I could not get a handhold or find a way to start down.

My friend tried talking me down. Nothing was working. I decided that she needed to hike out and get help to come get me. She did not want to go as she was not an experienced hiker and was not sure she could get out and if she did, she might not be able to get back to me. She said she did not pay attention to where I had been marking trees. Remember we had no path, we were just hiking in deep woods and underbrush. She said she had just followed me blindly in as I knew what I was doing. (Don't laugh)

We waited about another hour and just did nothing. Then we tried again and this time she was able to talk me down, telling me where to put my hands and feet to pick up the very slight indentations in the rocks I had used to climb up. That was a scary day. I was frazzled and did not see ANY of the red paint markers I had sprayed on the trees to get up in those deep woods. Luckily, once I got down off the rock I decided to just walk staight and we did finally get out about a mile away from the car.

For all those adventures then and all my adventures now, I wear Timberlands. I love them. They are a sturdy, durable shoe. Be sure to check out the link because you can get Timberland discounts and sales by using a coupon code at chekout. You get 10% off on Timberlands just for joining the mailing list. You can't beat that! Hey, if you need help with your next adventure, I'm your girl! I can help you plan it!
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