February 22, 2007

It Is All About Wifi

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I have a friend who just bought a laptop about 2 months ago. She was afraid of getting rid of her AOL and felt like she had made a bad decision to get a laptop because she only used it plugged in. I told her to unplug and to try to use it in different areas of her home because surely she would hit a spot where it would pick up the wifi. She did and was so happy after that. Now I want a laptop. I have always wanted one. I am not sure what neighbor she is "borrowing" her wifi from or the provider. She just knows that is is free. I know that there is a way to secure it so that others cannot use it free. I guess her neighbors are not using that option.

If you do desire a secure wireless network, you may want to check out Cisco. Cisco combines the mobility and flexibility users want from a wireless network with the security and management they require from a wired network. I know my office uses laptops for the agents in the field and that means they have to have a good conenction all the time, in an instant. If you are a business looking for a complete data centre devoted to cost-effective wireless networks for businesses, then check out Cisco. They have an entire network of wireless products that may be of assistance.

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