February 22, 2007


Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

When I look around my parents house I see their entier life in "things." My father died on December 22, 2006 and today was his birthday. He would have been 76 today. I see all sorts of things in the house that he made or repaired. He was very handy and could make just about anything whether it was wood or mechanical. My mother has lots of things that she had bought for special ocasions in her life. Like the grandfather clock for her retirement, the anniversary clock--her month long trip to Europe. All sorts of things. They bought a large crystal chandelier many years ago that is above the formal dining room table. It is a thing of beauty. I know it was not remotely close to anything in the Discount Chandeliers catagory. She paid a mint for it.

At the end of a life the only thing left is "things." Things tell the story. It is just that in this life we all have, some have the ability to buy nicer things that others can. It is just your lot in life.

I checked out Premier Chandelier lighting and they have some nice things at all price ranges. I looked for something similar to what my mother has and did not find anything that was really similar. I did find some unique things there. Like the ones that have droplets/spires. They are neat. They even have a wide selection of Wall Sconces. When you make a purchase over $100.00, shipping is free. That is a savings. As far as the selection, they work with an extensive number of suppliers from all over the world making it possible to offer a wide range of products. With 25 years of experience in home and business lighting , a brighter atmosphere does await you when you choose their products.

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