February 15, 2007


Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

In the boom of the dot.com era, most businesses these days have to have their ducks in a row in order to compete. Gosh, just regular businesses have to have all their IT systems in order to compete against their competitors. Computers have taken over the world. (The matrix IS real.) Langtech helps companies do that just...keep up with the neighbors by helping with their IT infrastructure and application development needs. The company has been at it since 1994 providing services from small to fortune 500 companies. The provide programming services, database development and marketing and consulting services.

I just think about all the systems I use in my job. Just to run email is a big think with passwords and help desks and spam filters and a host of other things needed to run just an email program and intergrate it into the intrastructure our office has. Then just the phone that rings off the hook all day long. Lantech has a new affordable phone solution called Asterisk PBX. It is a new low cost affordable pbx technology solution. Asterisk is based "open source" technology. It uses TCP/IP technology.

Just check out the site. There is a host of information there regarding all sorts of systems and solutions to all your business needs. For more information, contact them. They are experts in just about everything you might need regarding your IT needs. That also includes public/private key encryption, digital certificates, and vulnerability assessments. So get on board, Langtech is devoted to providing their clients with inception-to-completion web-based products and designs.


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