February 15, 2007

Review My Post

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Pay Per Post has a great new and exciting program for posters to make even more money! It is called Review My Post! By simply putting a badge at the bottom of each post, I can invite new prospective Posties to review my blog posts! When someone clicks on the badge and signs up with PayPerPost, a special opportunity is created JUST FOR THEM! The $7.50 opportunity asks them to write a post in their blog reviewing a post on my blog. That works!

It really works to increase blog traffic. By people linking to me, it will bring even more people to my blog. Smart! The easiest way to be sure that the badge is on each post is to add the code to your template so that as soon as you begin to create a new post, it will be at the bottom. It is kind of like that old Loreal shampoo commercial. She will tell a friend and she will tell a friend and so on and so on and so on. It is a program that works for everyone! We all get paid with Pay Per Post.

With the potential to increase linkage is the potential for our page rank to increase. With that will come some or rather more opportunitie with Pay Per Post. I have seem some with big dollars that have passed me right on by because my page rank was not high enough. So it is all good! I will get more links, readers and moola! You can't go wrong with that!


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