February 11, 2007

London English School

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I have a friend at work who speaks the queen's english. She is from London and I just love to hear her speak. And don't let her get upset about something. She begins to speak words that I have never heard before and she swears she is speaking english. It is the queens english. They have a language all their own there called english. It is just not american english.

If you are in london and looking for english courses, there are many out there but none as good as London English School. With London English School, you won't have to worry about lack of courses. They have all you need to get qualified in english. For example the English all Year course is the most popular course because it covers all of the main language skills: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, and writing, listening and speaking. This class always starts on monday and can accept up to 18 students. The variety of courses is good ranging from summer courses to teacher courses to refresher courses.

A few of the other benefits of London English School include a practice cite where on-line learners can get together and learn together. There is even a forum where you can join free to network with other learners. In addition, there are off line social get togethers so that you can practice english in real time. Learning in the actual setting is the best practice. I have always thougth that about all languages. You have to really try it in the real world for it to stick with you.

Learning english is not a chore any longer. They have made it easy for students to find the English Course & School that suits them best. Just follow the practical step-by-step guide.


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