February 11, 2007

Just Say HI!

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On line dating seems to be the way of the here and now dating scene. I have several friends who have taken the plunge and put their profiles on the internet. Some have had great luck with finding some very nice men to date. It is a little scary to me. You just never know. But do youever really know with anyone? Found on the internet or not.

Free Online Dating is available at many places on the web. At Just Say Hi! membership is totally free. You will be able to scroll through the pictures of who has signed up...kind of like a gallery. With Valentines Day looming, I know that my mind turns to what to do. I have no date right now. I guess I will have to buy myself my own flowers. I have done that in years past. It is depressing to see all the flowers that are delivered each valentine's day to others and never any for me. Sad.

I may just have to try online dating. I will have to work up the nerve. I think I might have to check out the message boards first to see what the flavor of the site is like. Wish me luck. Dating is a scary pool of water to dip your toe into if you have not been swimming in many years. Sites like Just Say Hi! help take any the fears that many may have about on line dating. It might just be the way to make that love conection!

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