February 13, 2007

Men in Clothes

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Belisi Blog: Men’s fashion heads in a new direction but not most likely the men. Or at least not the men that I know. The tend to be very happy in jeans and a t-shirt. Now that has been the bain of my existence. I have always wanted a man who loved to dress and go, but I have not found that man. I think he must only exist in the fashion magazines. I was looking through my newest copy of "W" and saw the Dolce and Cabana ads. Those are men who like to dress but very oddly.

Now clothes can make the man and they can make all the difference in the world. They do send a message. For spring there seems to be a new trend toward femininity with sleeker lines, geometric patterns and prints. There will also be a retro trend as well. I am all about retro. All you men with those Members Only jackets in the closet, dust them off. They might just be in again.

Leggings are in again...for men! Yes, men. Now I am not sure that I know one man who would wear them, but this year you can. If you are a fashion forward man, book mark Sharp by Design. Sharp by Design is a blog for the progressive urban man who wants to learn about fashion staples, as well as stay tuned in to emerging trends in casual wear and business attire. Designs and fashions change every season, so if you want to do something a little different this year with fashion, keep up with the tips and insites that you find on the site.


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