February 13, 2007

Edible Phones

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What is up with the edible phones? I have been hearing news blurbs and commercials about phones that are linked to candy. Check out the mint green chocolate phone by verizon. Wirefly is the internet's number one seller of verizon phones. Wow! There is also a phone called white chocolate and mint chocolate. Sounds good enough to eat. Wirefly has a full selection of phones that has all sorts of features. They even have blackberries. I would like to try one of those.

For Valentines day there are even red and pink razor phones. That should get you in the spirit. What is really exciting is that most of the offers with the plans call for the phones to be free or at a deep discount. It is worth it. Check out the family plans. They are a great value for a single household or family. With the family plans all your talk time minutes are pooled for common use so you will be able to keep up with what those teens are doing and exactly how many minutes they are using. It is a savings.

Now in the event that your financial situation is not the best, you may want to try a pre paid plan. With a prepaid cell phone you have control over how much you spend each month, without having to worry about getting hit with overage charges from your cell phone company. Now that is also a way to control teen talking. If you are looking for a new phone with a great plan, be sure to check out Wirefly. They do have a a variety of phones and plans to choose from , so they should be able to meet all your cellular needs.


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