February 15, 2007

Poor Anna

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Like James Brown who has not been buried yet due to familybickering, it has begun with Anna Nicole Smith as well. I saw on the news where she will not be buried and the judge is claiming her body is his until be can determine the DNA of the baby. It is a sad world. I think they should just get the DNA to prove the baby is hers and who the father is and then let the poor woman be buried in the Bahamas next to her son. Just get the sample and be done with it.

With at least three people bickering over the fate of Anna Nicole Smith's remains, a Florida judge stepped in to argue that he has the final say.

"This body belongs to me right now," Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin said Wednesday during an emergency hearing. Another hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

Smith's longtime companion Howard K. Stern and her estranged mother, Vergie Arthur, each hope to win control of the body. Photographer Larry Birkhead, who claims to have fathered the former centerfold's 5-month-old daughter, Dannielynn, hopes DNA taken from Smith will prove his case.

The judge said the dispute could be lengthy. "We're going to have hearings - as many hearings as we need," Seidlin said. "This is just a warm-up."

I knw that mother would begin to show her true colors. Now she wants the baby. I just saw her on one of the morning news shows last week in an interview saying that she did not want the baby, now she does. She has not had anything to do with Anna in all these years, so why begin now. Anna left a will and her last wishes should be honored. Howard K. Stern is the executor. Let him bury her. Get the DNA first but let the poor woman go home.

Now Anna was a beautiful woman. At times she looked trashy but overall when she was dressed up she looked good and with her taking on the persona of Marilyn Monroe, she definitely stood out. She was enhanced of course. She looked like she had a monstrous boob job but a lot of those starlets have done that. My mother told me that she saw a blurb on the news that Anna had had surgery just before she died to repair some damage to her augmentation. Maybe that is why she had the fever? May be she got an infection?

I feel that if she had died of an overdose that would have been all over the news already. Don't you agree? Anna would have been torn apart for that by now. I do see some augmentation by women to be ok, but to get those monstrous melons is not so good. Go for the natural look in that department. Augmentation can dramatically improve the appearance of a woman's breasts, enhancing the size and improving the shape to create a fuller and entirely natural look. Natural is good. Looking like a mannequin? Not so good.

There are doctors and clinics all over the world who can do augmentation. Court House Clinic is just one of many. I do think that when we begin to change how we look we need to really think a long time and consult and be sure that the end result will be what we want. It seems that too many of the Hollywwod starlets do not look natural anymore. They are going for the more dramatic effects as far as cosmetic surgery. Dramatic is not always good.

I just hope that Anna was not killed by some complication due to her implants. I have been looking on line to see if I could see anything about what my mom said she saw but so far, I have not seen a news blurb about her surgery and any sort of possible complications. Poor Anna Nicole. It was a shame what happened to her. It seemed that she was just about to get a new start.

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