February 15, 2007

Cash Only Please

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No cash, no pocketbookie! That is what I used to tell myself. Back in 1993 I used to work part time in the tourist section of my town selling good in an open air market. Now the owner of the shop was too lazy or rather too cheap to take credit cards. The tourists would come and have to have cash or no pocketbookie! I was tired of always telling people that we had no way to take a credit card.

I remember asking about them getting a merchant account, but it was something for future. I guess they wanted a cash and carry business. If only Advantage Processors had been around then, it would have made a world of difference to me. I was running the place for them. Advantage Processors, Credit Card Processing and Merchant Account Services is a leading provider for low-cost online internet credit card processing merchant accounts for both Low Risk and High Risk merchants. They also have competitive pricing and low credit card transaction rates.

I worked for them about 8 months. It has been years since I have been to that part of town. I heard that they have an actual store now. I know they have to be able to run a credit card now. They had to have contacted someone in regards to a merchant account. Now after establishing that, there is a guarantee. You are not just hung out to dry. You get assistance when you need it and can even have a money back guarantee if you are not really happy with the services. So, no more cash only. Please!


  1. anymore, credit card processing is as commonplace as cars on teh road, and is MORE popular than cash! its been proven that credit card customers spend on average about 2.5x more on their purchases than cash customers do, if you can find any cash customers at all! a merchant account is one way to establish processing services, and works well for stores with high processing sales volume.