February 14, 2007

Snazzy Cards

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About twice a week, I get credit card junk mail. Unsolicited, it fills up my extra space. I am reluctant to throw anythign out lest I need it again. Well, this Christmas I got gift card after gift card for presents. I was happy with that. They are nice because they are the gift that keeps on giving. You can reload and regift the card to someone else.

After checking out Mint, I have found some useful things there. Two of the best benefits are
  • 0% on purchases and balance transfers until 1st December 2007 (2.9% balance transfer fee)
  • 0% bonus offer until 1st August 2008 on balances transferred during February 2008 (2.9% fee)
Now you can't beat that. To sign up with Mint is totally free. You will have online access and a great way to sign up for Alerts service which is a hassle free way of keeping an eye on your account. You can set-up many different types of alerts from a payment date reminder to personal alerts.

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