February 13, 2007

Working out in the Nude

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Well, I would really have to think twice or maybe even three times about working out in the nude. What about hygeine and body parts on the equipment? That is disease trasnference waiting to happen. Now this is over in Amsterdam. I know this would not work in the states. this new fitness regime is called Nudefit. Now this may be what nudeist already do at the nudist colonies. I guess I never really thougth about it that way until this article.

What about support? We women need a bra to jog in or do a few laps on the indoor running circuit? Braless is bad for support. And what about getting hurt on the equipment? I cannot imagine everything swinging about on both men and women while on the treadmill? Yikes...that is a scary thought. And what about riding the stationary bike? Friction against skin? Chafing would be the primary effect of biking. You now I am all about keeping in shape, but all that in the nude? I just don't know.

For those who want to be really buff, a Dutch gym is introducing training sessions for nudists.

The Sunday morning sessions were added by popular demand and "anyone who shows up just to ogle will be thrown out," said gym manager Patrick de Man in the town of Heteren.

"This is a special session for naturists, and we will be very strict in enforcing this," he said.

The "nudifit" sessions, which will begin on March 4, have attracted a strong response -- both negative and positive, he said.

Staff, who will remain clothed during the sessions, will pay special attention to hygiene, ensuring clients cover machinery and bikes with towels or disposable covers, he added.


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