March 07, 2007

Loans for Vacation

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I remember my very first trip to Disney World was when my daughter was three. We went for her birthday. Right before we left, I got sick and ended up having to go to the doctor which ate into my budget for the trip. Every penny had to be counted in those days, so long ago. I ended up having to get one of those payday loans, just to have enough money for the trip. I was about to call it off all together, but I had promised my child. I hated to disappoint her.

I had never had one before, so that was an experience. I was in between checks so it was the most cost-effective way of borrowing short-term money and bridging the gap until I got paid. I was off to Florida after that. I had to go down to a local office in my town. Now there is a way to get it on line. Even faster! You just complete the form, wait on a confirmation email and the cash is yours.

Repayment is at a small fee of course. And it normally would fall on the next time you got paid. If you still need the money, you could extend the loan by paying the interest and carrying the loan balance over to the next month. You literally can do this indefinitely. But you would not want to do this. You do want to pay it down eventually and get out of it. A payday loan can save the day. You can get up to 800 pounds without having to sell or pawn valuables. It helped me. It saved my trip.


  1. payday loans are not good to support.

    #1: their rates are worse than banks - so in essence, they are loan sharks.

    #2: you don't know who fronts the company. all they have to do is hide behind a numbered company. for all one knows, such places are money laundering outfits.

    #3: in canada, moneymart is owned by an ex-cop. it may be legitimate, but it may be a front for a fake money laundering operation running to catch drug dealers.

  2. you might just have some good points