March 08, 2007

Why? 4 Times

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Why is my skin now reverting to that of a 17 year old? Is it stress? The little blemishes are springing up all over. It is driving me crazy. I am much too old for that. I have masked and scrubbed but still something is happening. I guess I may need to run out and try some more proactive. I did use that product some time ago and it did work. I think I need to get some from the mall on tomorrow. I know I have not tried any different skin products recently so it must be the stress. Today has been a weepy night. I thought a lot about my father on the way home. It has just been over two months since he passed away. Sometimes I still have some very bad times. In fact I just bought a book dealing with just that. A Bend in the Road by C. S. Lewis. It deals with the trials of life and God and power and who REALLY is in control. Trust me, it is not us.


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