March 07, 2007

What? There's More??

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Whenever I think of Orlando, I only thing of Disney. I love Disney and have been quite a number of times. I have always just gone on my own. I have never tried one of the Disney World Packages but they might be the thing to try in the future. I know there are lots of things to do in the Orlando area, I just can't seem to get away from theme parks. How many places in the world have 52 theme parks? There are also beaches within a short 40 minute drive. Now I have not yet been to a Florida Beach but have always wanted to go. I missed out on the whole Spring Break party "thing." I do remember watching the MTV spring break shows. They looked like fun!

Orlando Vacation has partnered with the participating hotels who offer the packages to reduce the cost of the ticket prices for the theme parks. They do this when you stay on their property. I know Disney has this sort of thing as well. Disney World is the biggest draw to Orlando. You can even customize your vacation package based on the number of days you want to stay. In regards to the discount theme park tickets, you can arrange to have them shipped to your home or they will be waiting for you at the desk when you check in. I like the desk. Then I will not have the fear of having left them at home. Wouldn't that be an awful thing?

I know I need go get out of the theme park mode. Orlando is a happening place with so much to offer. Maybe I need to have a theme park intervention. I don't think it will last for long, I love Disney theme parks and with all the new rides and attractions they add each year, I never get tired of going there. So bring on the Disney Vacation packages. Right now I noticed a special. You can get the 5 day park hopper for the price of the 3 day. Who can beat that with a stick!? See. Now you see why I love Disney so much.


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