March 04, 2007

Calls Just Tolerated

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Last night or rather yesterday I was so tired that I decided to listen to my body and go to bed early. I was in bed with the lights out at 9:00 pm. Well the phone rang about 9:30 pm just as I was about to go to sleep. It was one of my good friends who is a talker and as soon as I heard her voice I knew that my attempt to go to bed early was null and void. Well, we talked about about everything under the sun and she just went on and on. I felt like I could not say I had to go. Well, finally at 11:45 pm we got off the phone. Today of course it had been a full day of church and family dinners and now all I want to do is sleep but I have so many things I ned to do at home. If I try to go to sleep now, I might not wake for hours and the entire afternoon will be lost. I feel like trying for at least an hour and take a nap. Maybe until 8pm and then get up and try to do something. There are not enough hours in the day.


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