April 24, 2007

Directory with a New Vision

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Have you heard about Big Web Links Bid Directory? Well it is not your average link directory. It is a directory with a new vision. I know that I have submitted my blog to many different directories with varying results. On some I can find my link fairly easily. On others I have to do a search to find it deep buried on some page a long way away from the front page or top spots.

This directory is different in that position is determined by bid amount. The better the bid, the better the placement. It gives control of where your link is located to the site owner and not the directory staff. I like that. Money talks. If you want your blog to be in a better position, you can contribute more and that will bring about an immediate change in link location.

The top ten links are listed on the home page and the top 20 are on the top links page. This allows more than one link, so your site will get even more exposure and traffic. The basic charge to get listed is $29.90 and after that, you can increase your contribution to gain position over other links in the same category. You ought to check it out. Links are permanent and the initial fee to get started is a one time fee. Sign up today and bring some "benjamins" baby. You will need some to get some prime real estate for your web link.


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