April 24, 2007

God Sent a Horsefly to Wake Me Up

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I was told a fantastic story on yesterday by my mother. She actually believes this. Long ago when she was first married to my father, the heat went out one very cold night. They were using space heaters and she moved a small heater to the bedroom. She went to sleep. Some hours later she was awaken by the sound of a loud horsefly buzzing right by her head.

The fly woke her up. She looked up and the fly was on the curtain above her looking down at her. She realized that she needed to get up and turn off the heater and open the door. All the air was being sucked out of that room and she was way too hot. She swears that the horsefly was sent by god to wake her up.

My take? I told her no such thing happened. It just happened to be a fly in the room flying around. She swears the fly just disappeared after that. My take? She opened the door and it flew into another part of the house. There is just no changing her mind.


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