April 24, 2007

Dreams Not Forgotten!

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Long ago I used to dream of a nice big wedding. I had it all planned out. I used to get bride magazine and I used to cherish those magazines. I looked at gowns and dreamed that one day I would have that princess wedding. Sometimes dreams can vanish on their own. Sometimes they go away due to evil family members. I had a mother who told me she would never fund a wedding for me or come to a wedding of mine. Do you know crippling that was to me as a very young person, engaged for the first time. There would be no violin music or me in that expensive gown. As a young person in college with no money, I felt no hope.

Time passed. Fiances came and went and when I did get married it was at the justice of the peace with no family. Just me and my husband. He and I are no more. Then I got married again. Again at the justice of the peace. No big wedding. He and I are no more. I still have hope. I still dream that I will have that beautiful gown and the violins. I still have hope.

When I think back I can't remember what sort of personalized wedding favors I wanted. It has been a long time. If I had to pick today, I would really have to think about it. I know where I would go to start looking. It would be the Internet Wedding Superstore. They have thousands of ideas of economical, personalized wedding favors for both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. I browsed through and found all sorts of things I had not considered like the playing cards, hot sauce (who would have thought hot sauce?) and the water bottles.

There are even some things on sale right now, so the savings are even more! In addition, most of the personalization is free. Favors are not just the only thing you will find there. There are lots of other things that you might need for a wedding including items to use during the ceremony to apparel and planning tools. It is not all about the favors, but favors are a big thing!


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