April 18, 2007

Garden Gone Bad

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

There is a woman who lives in the same neighborhood as I do but several blocks away. I guess she attempted making an English meadow of her front yard because she dug it all up and got rid of all the grass and planted plants all over the entire front yard. The entire ground is covered with black plastic to keep the weeds and grass from coming up. Needless to say the entire yard is not covered in plants. She has them planted all willy nilly and it looks like an eye sore. No. It looks terrible. She has had her yard like that for about 8 years and it get worst each year. If you could only see it. My words here cannot even BEGIN to describe how bad her yard looks. I have often wondered if the neighborhood association has ever said anything to her about it?

That woman is in sad need of some landscape design. Her own plan is not working. She needs to call SLDA Landscape Designs because she needs someone to get some input on what she really had in mind for her yard before she wrecked it. Maybe they can get it back on track by taking into account some of her individual tastes, reflect some of her creativity and bringing it all together in a neat way. She would benefit from the stepping stone process of planning, designing and implementing.

If anyone could get that yard straight, it would be SLDA. It would definitely be a challenge and they and their team of professional landscapers are ready to take that challenge head on.


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