April 19, 2007

Customs Remembered

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

The first time I went on a cruise I had the best time ever and will never forget it. It was magical and I went alone. I met people and had a grand ole' time. Now the first time going on the ship getting through customs was kind of crazy. I had packed my bag to the hilt and way in the center of it was my curling iron. I guess when they x-rayed that bag it looked like something suspicious. I had to unpack that bag and pull everything out just to prove that it was indeed a curling iron. I was irritated at the man who was checking the bag. He was acting like it was not a curling iron and low and behold when it was he seemed kind of disappointed. I had another small bag within a bag and it was clean underwear. He asked about the bag. Well of course it was to put the dirty ones in to bring back home. A dirty pair would go into the plastic bag each day so that they were all bundled together. I told him he was going to help me repack that bag because I had to sit on it to get it closed. He did not but finally I got it all back in and proceeded on board.

For that trip I made a visit to my local travel agent in person and booked that trip. I remember going in about 3 times to see her and pay. She booked me a fantastic trip in a fantastic room. That was in 1988. Times sure have changed since then. You no longer need to go doen to your local travel agent to book a great cruise or a trip to a resort. You can do it all on line these days. There are many online agencies out there but you must be sure to check out Hotel Reservations.com.

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